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The recycoool items are all originally designed hand made products, made out of recycles inner tubes pumped with air into a metal construction.

Recycoool – Furniture made out of recycled car tire tubes

If you live near a tire dumping area this could be a great idea to work on, the Recycoool is a new concept in inflatable furniture, which is made of used tire tubes. The design proposed by an Israeli designer Nir Ohayon, who had proposed creating a cabinet that was unique and yet, it costs over $100. The design looks like it was taken straight out of the movie Antz, which was based in the kingdom of the ants. There need to be more recycling initiatives of this type if we want a more sustainable environment.

Given the ant-like appearance of the products, the designer has taken a step further, naming them after fictional characters such as, The great Yogi, Nirvana, Master, Silver and Golam.